Unternehmensbewertung (Breuer, V2/Ü1, SS, economics competency)

This course confers knowledge of the theoretical foundations and applications of concepts of corporate evaluation. This knowledge is essential for any form of strategic corporate management. In particular, in the context of the area of specialization "Sustainability and Corporations", it would also be interesting to ascertain what the key features of a sustainability-oriented corporate evaluation may be.


Students acquire an advanced knowledge of the application of the state of the art in firm valuation. In addition, they are able to assess critically the preconditions for the utilization of these methods. Moreover, they get acquainted with ways of devising new research-based problem solving strategies. In selected examples, students are made aware of interdependencies between economic and ecological goals and their impact on firm valuation.


No formal prerequisites, basic knowledge of decision theory, statistics, investment and finance is expected or must be read.


Examination (100%, graded, 70min.)