Technikbasierte Energiesystemanalyse


Technikbasierte Energiesystemanalyse (Praktiknjo, 4SWS, irregular)

Energy markets are complex dynamic structures composed of very diverse actors. These players are in particular
- Suppliers with sometimes very different production technologies,
- Users with different consumption targets as well as consumption behavior,
- National and international legislators and regulators.
In order to make rational decisions in the energy sector, the interrelationships and interactions existing between the energy markets must be taken into account. For this purpose, model concepts of different degrees of complexity have become established and will be discussed in detail. Related to this is the question of the meaning and purpose of energy supply. For this purpose, the factors determining energy demand are discussed, the possible solutions for efficient energy use are dealt with, and approaches for evaluating the solutions of energy models (energy scenarios) are discussed.

Learning objectives

The students will
- Know the terminology of relevant technical publications and be able to use them for their future professional activities,
- have knowledge of modeling concepts that are significant for the description of complex energy economic interrelationships,
- be able to observe current developments and use them to assess market forecasts,
- master the functionalities of common software solutions (GAMS, E-Views, Excel, etc.) against the background of energy industry modeling,
- be able to formulate models independently and interpret the output solutions.




Written exam (100%, graded, 90min.)