Die Deutsche Automobilindustrie - ethisch blind, aber lernfähig?


Die Deutsche Automobilindustrie - ethisch blind, aber lernfähig? (Kasperk, 3SWS, irregular)

Why do people in companies of the German automotive industry behave immorally? Based on current case studies (e.g. VW diesel affair) and psychological as well as institutional approaches, reasons for immoral behavior are discussed. Ethical and corporate ethical theories provide the basis for new concepts of moral learning and its institutional anchoring.

Learning Objectives

- How does ethical blindness arise in companies? Identification of institutional prerequisites and personality traits for immoral behavior.
- How can one sensitize oneself and one's institution and become more morally adaptive?
- Definition of ethical and corporate ethical concepts.
- Raising awareness regarding the moral, social and environmental consequences of economic and engineering decisions.
- Develop problem awareness and problem-solving approaches for automotive companies that are more ethically adaptive.
- Development of skills related to topic-specific communication and presentation through case study work, among other methods.
- Effective and constructive collaboration in teams.
- Constructive feedback on approaches presented by fellow students.
- Fundamentals of good scientific practice including plagiarism awareness.




Written paper (60%, graded), presentation (40%, graded)