Supply Chain Controlling


Supply Chain Controlling (Ketteniß, 2SWS, irregular)

The aim of the course is to provide an understanding of selected problems from the field of "Supply Chain Controlling" as well as its application in practice. For this purpose, the students have to deal with different concepts and instruments of "Supply Chain Controlling" and develop solution proposals for previously defined problems.

The required methods or techniques are practically implemented by the students to the extent that they develop a solution concept for a specific practice-oriented problem and transfer these solution concepts into a term paper. Subsequently, the solution concepts are presented and discussed by the students within block meetings with experts from the practice.

Learning objectives

(1) Critical analysis and reappraisal of texts from professional journals
(2) Critical appraisal and application of scientific methods
(3) Development of analytical skills
(4) Acquisition of knowledge about selected instruments of "Supply Chain Controlling" and their fields of application
(5) Practical insights into typical problems of supply chain controlling and possibilities to develop target group specific solutions


Basic knowledge of supply chain management and controlling is recommended.


Written paper (50%, graded), presentation (50%, graded)