Strategien im Bereich der Elektromobilität


Strategien im Bereich der Elektromobilität (Kasperk, 3SWS, SS)

In the project module, students work independently on a project to develop a business case for a real company. In addition to technical knowledge, students will also gain methodological experience in data collection, project management, presentation of technical content and other "soft" skills. In order to make the module as realistic as possible, students will have the opportunity to visit the commissioning company and gain relevant insights into the technology.

Learning objectives

The aim of the project module is to design viable internationally oriented strategies for a company operating in the field of electromobility. A variety of problem solutions have to be developed by the students. This includes topics such as pricing as the result of an intensive market and competitor analysis, the definition of the sales market and the target customers as the result of a market segmentation, the determination of suitable sales channels, the determination of the willingness to buy or the calculation of the sales potential. Finally, the data can be used to derive target values for other business objectives, so that the students can prepare decisions along the entire value chain.

The empirical work should promote interdisciplinary cooperation. In the project environment, coordination is necessary, especially with specialists from other disciplines.


No special previous knowledge required

Examination performance

Presentation (70%, graded), project work (30%, graded)