Investition Wohnen - Immobilien aus interdisziplinärer Sicht


Investition Wohnen - Immobilien aus interdisziplinärer Sicht (Nadler, 2SWS, SS)

Real estate investments, especially in residential property, have experienced a real boom in recent years as forms of investment secured in real value. At the same time, however, the scope of energy-related renovation measures in existing properties falls far short of the expectations of (public) funding agencies. The interdisciplinary project module - in cooperation with master students of architecture and urban planning of Faculty 2, Chair of Professor Selle - investigates the question of how especially owner-occupiers of single-family houses from the 1950s to the 1980s can be activated for energetic refurbishment. While the architects and urban planners analyze the need for energetic refurbishment depending on certain house types, it is the responsibility of the business administration and industrial engineering students to determine the (sustainable) profitability of this investment depending on different owner types and to identify suitable subsidy and financing models.

Learning objectives

The course serves to impart the necessary methodological knowledge for the economic evaluation of energetic refurbishment measures in existing properties. Participants will also critically examine the social and environmental aspects of real estate investments. The course also aims to train the participants' ability to communicate and present challenging issues.


Knowledge of investment and finance and accounting is an advantage, but can easily be read.

Examination performance

Written paper (85%, graded, 15min.), colloquium (15%, graded)