Energiesystemische Forschung


Energiesystemische Forschung (Praktiknjo, 4SWS, WS)

While the course "Technology-based Energy System Analysis" provides the basics for own energy system models and the terminology of relevant publications, the project module "Energy Systemic Research" shall give the students a practical insight into the analysis of studies. For this purpose, suitable topics will be provided by the lecturers in a first part, which are to be analyzed and presented by the students in writing and via a presentation (in part 2). The main topic will be in the area of energy supply / consumption of industry 4.0. The future relevance of energy as a production factor for a digitalized industry will be investigated, but students can also propose their own topics in the context of this focus.

Learning objectives

The students should
- Identify suitable energy system studies,
- Evaluate them based on their quality,
- Identify the most important key messages,
- Summarize and
- Evaluate them among themselves


Participants are expected to have a sound knowledge of mathematical modeling, as taught in the Fundamentals of Operations Research, and relevant experience with common software products (e.g. GAMS, Matlab, IBM CPLEX, Gurobi, ...).


Written paper (70%, graded), presentation (30%, graded)