Immobilienökonomie (Nadler, 2SWS, SS)

The transfer of the shareholder value concept to real estate aims to analyze whether the capital tied up in operational real estate can be used more profitably in other areas of the company. Corporate Real Estate Management, which is based on this concept, therefore aims at the efficient provision, utilization and exploitation of real estate. Taking up this idea, approaches to portfolio management, real estate project development, facility management and the valuation of real estate investments will be presented and applied in the course. Another focus is on strategies for real estate financing during the entire real estate life cycle.

Learning Objectives

The primary purpose of this course is to provide the necessary methodological knowledge for the management, valuation and financing of corporate real estate, as well as the skills to critically question the prerequisites for using these methods. In doing so, students will also be familiarized to a limited extent with the question of how research-based new problem-solving approaches to real estate management can be derived.


Knowledge of "Investment and Financing" is advantageous, but can easily be read.


Written exam (100%, graded, 60min.)