Climate Risk Management


Climate Risk Management (Madlener, 4SWS, irregular)

This interdisciplinary seminar deals with economic aspects of climate change and its risks. The first part of the course will consist of presentations by the lecturers and discussions. Students will be introduced to climate change and learn to view this phenomenon from different angles such as economic, technological, sociological and ecological ones. In the second part of the course we will deal with more specific topics related to climate change risks, such as catastrophic events, ecosystem conservation, emission scenarios, political uncertainty, multilateral agreements, resource and energy usage and technological uncertainty. Students will be assigned a topic to work on for the remainder of the course. Students are expected to present their findings by giving a seminar talk and by writing a seminar paper in the style of a review article (e.g. Nature Reviews)

Learning Objectives

1) Getting a sound understanding of definitions and concepts characterizing the economics and management of climate risk;
2) Being able to clearly illustrate economic theories and policies presented during the course with the provision of ad-hoc examples;
3) Being able to take part in interdisciplinary discussions;
4) Being able to screen and use the literature on the economics and management of climate risk for your own purposes;
5) Being able to apply the knowledge gained during the course to the analysis of important and pressing real-world problems.


Basic knowledge of Economics and Quantitative Methods.


Paper (50%), Presentation (50%).
Mandatory Attendance.