Chair of Energy System Economics (FCN-ESE)


The Chair of Energy System Economics (formerly Junior Professorship of Energy Resource and Innovation Economics) was founded at the beginning of 2021 and is part of the E.ON Energy Research Center. The focus of the chair's work is on complex energy systems with their broad diversity of actors.


The aim of the chair's research is to find energy system solutions for the sustainable provision of energy while ensuring affordability and reliability for consumers. For this purpose, the scientists use a broad portfolio of methods and models of energy system analysis (simulation and optimisation models, input-output models, stochastic forecast models, AI-based methods, life cycle analyses, etc.), which they continuously develop further. The interdisciplinary research is also reflected in numerous successful scientific publications and projects, which have already received several international awards.


At the RWTH, the Chair of Energy System Economics offers various courses. In the lectures, seminars and project modules, students gain theoretical and practical knowledge of energy system analysis and energy economic contexts. Innovative teaching and learning concepts are used at the chair for this purpose. In particular, the computer-based serious games developed at the department are very popular with students for the realistic and practical teaching of the course content.