International Economics Unit (IW)


The Research Unit International Economics at RWTH Aachen University deals with various economic and political questions in the fields of internatonal trade, international production, cross-border migration, and the design of international organisations.


The teaching program of the unit covers the whole area of international economics with lectures at the bachelor-, master- and doctoral level. We offer foundation courses on international trade theory as well as more advanced lectures that introduce students to current research in this field. The unit also contributes to the core in microeconomics. In addition, our teaching program contains various applied project modules and lectures on economics and management topics, and we supervise theses in the whole area of international economics.


In our research, we cover a broad spectrum of topics in international economics. As examples, the following issues may be mentioned: Offshoring to low wage countries and ist consequences; expropriation risks and international investments; trade with natural rescources and institutional quality in the exporting countries; centraized versus decentralized decision-making in international institutions. The unit employs applied theory as well as empirical methods.