Junior Professorship of Decision Analysis (DA)


In 2013 the Assistant Professorship of Decision Analysis was established as a Research Chair in the EME Research Area.


The teaching activities of the Assistant Professorship focus on interdisciplinary behavioral science. Theories, methods, and perspectives of human decision making from several scientific disciplines (mainly Economics and Psychology) are components of our courses. Additionally, the courses convey the relevant knowledge for analyzing and influencing human behavior, e.g., in organizations. Courses are taught in German and English and use innovative teaching methods in order to stimulate interaction and discussion among the students.


The research focus is on the description, explanation, and prediction of human behavior in social interactions, particularly in social dilemmas that constitute a motivational conflict between individual, group, and collective interests. Such motivational conflicts can be found, for instance, in organizational, environmental, and health behavior.

Most of our research has an interdisciplinary perspective, and applies theories and methods of Economics, Psychology and neighboring disciplines.